Roland®/Ecosolmax 3 Plug & Play


gota CYAN gota MAGENTA gota YELLOW gota BLACK

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Ecosolvent inkjet Inks


Data Sheet 703 Series

Ink Type


  • Bag 1L
  • Bag 2L
  • Cartridge 440ml
  • Include chip and card Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh.

We can supply bulk systems for most of the machines available in the market. For more information, please, contact us indicating the brand and model that you are using.

Vida útil

12 Months

Product description

This ink set is designed with state of the art pigments to offer bright, vivid and saturated colours being a plug and play solution for machines equipped with original Roland® Ecomax3® inks. These inks are specifically designed to be used on machines equipped with Epson® printheads and are reliable with minimum head maintenance. The inks print excellent most untreated media, such as vynil, PVC, glasspack, frontlit, backlit, etc. The inks have been carefully designed to provide fast drying time on the media while having maximum stability on the printhead. They provide vibrant prints with high scuff and scratch resistance and resistance to commonly used chemicals. We offer one of the best pricing in the industry for our customers to maximize their profits achieving at least the same performance and reliability than with the original inks.

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