In general, Afford UV Curable Inkjet Inks are grouped into three broad categories described as Tough, Versatile or Flexible. When properly cured, all Afford UV Inkjet Inks will adhere to a wide range of subtrates. However, there are other characteristics of these formulations that are not the same.


Tough Inks are specifically formulated for optimum adhesion, durability and scratch resistance when printed onto rigid substrates. After crubg however, the inks will show limited flexibility and elongation.


Flexible inks are designed to provide superb adhesion and flexibility on flexible substrates and media such as banner vinyls, self-adhesive PVC, and flexible plastics and paper substrates.


Versatile inks are formulated so that after curing, they form a reasonably tough ink layer with some level of flexibility retained. These inks can be ideal for use on some hybrid printing machines that handle a mixture of flexible and rigid substrates.


Whilst all Afford UV inkjet inks are designed and manufactured for optimum properties, there are still some difficult subtrates such as glass, fired ceramic tiles, metals, metal-clad boards (e.g DiBond) and certain specifics rigid plastics (e.g ABS, some acrylics) where UV inks struggle to provide adhesion that is strong enough, with high abrasion and scratch resistance, for certain applications. Prior to printing onto these particulary challenging substrates,we recommend that customers do their own inks adhesion testing. If adhesion is not adequate for their customers´s applications, then please contact. Afford Inks for information regarding our Inkjet Primers.