The unique experience, development and manufacturing skills of Afford Inks – honed over four decades of screen ink manufacturing and 14 years manufacturing inkjet inks – enables us to formulate new inks and coatings for specific applications and industrial processes.  Our extensive knowledge of adhesion problems on difficult substrates, and process issues in industrial product manufacturing, gives us the ability to quickly develop novel ink solutions to solve difficult challenges.

As a result, Afford Inks has active relationships with OEM Partners in Europe and China where we manufacture inkjet inks to the required specification of the OEM.  We also manufacture some specialist pigment dispersions in UV monomers, plus some inks and varnishes, for OEM supply to other ink manufacturers and industrial companies within Europe.  In fact, growth of ink sales to OEM partners is one of the fastest developing segments of our business, and is an area where we are investing financially, technically and in human resources.

In addition to OEM Partners that design and manufacture digital printing equipment, we are also working more with Printhead Manufacturers, System Integrators and specific industrial corporations that need ink, primer or coating technology for novel applications, or with non-standard colours or specific functional properties.  For example, several partners are particularly interested in contracting us to customise and manufacture UV inkjet inks for their hardware – but we also offer additional services and products to our Partners.

The following are some examples of our current capabilities:

  • Development and manufacture of rigid and flexible UV-curable inks with excellent adhesion, in a wide range of colours and including a very high opacity white, for a variety of inkjet printheads. Our latest formulations to reach the OEM market are for the Ricoh Gen5 printhead.
  • Design (to OEM specification) and provision a RFID protection system for ink supplies, together with the required inks, for a printer manufacturer that was concerned about aftermarket ink products reducing the profitability of its business, and creating technical problems for its customers.
  • Design and development of new inkjet inks with exceptional durability and weatherability (10-20 years outdoors, non-fading) based upon novel ultrafine mineral pigment dispersions of our own manufacture.
  • Development of high density aqueous pigmented inks for a high speed single pass inkjet printer.
  • Customisation of primer coatings and abrasion-resistant UV overvarnishes for the wood laminates industry.
  • Management of manufacturing and logistics to supply inks to an OEM in its home country, plus directly to its designated distributors in designated other countries (under OEM label) and including provision of necessary HSE (health, safety and environmental) documentation in local country language, to reduce overall logistic issues and shipping costs for the OEM Partner and its customers.
  • Manufacture of special colour UV curable inks and pigment dispersions based upon non-standard pigments, to specific customer requirements.

Afford Inks is interested to talk to new partners who may be OEM’s; System Integrators; Industrial Corporations with in-house production lines requiring upgrades or digital conversions; Printhead Manufacturers; and Analogue (offset, flexo, gravure, screen, letterpress) Machine manufacturers who are interested to expand their offerings in the digital print market segment.

If we do not have what you need as an off-the-shelf solution, we could be interested to develop the necessary inks, coatings or systems to meet your specific needs.

Please contact our General Manager Mr Pedro Martinez ( to discuss your specific requirements.

Note: Like all ethical ink manufacturers – it is the policy of Afford Inks NOT to supply unauthorised aftermarket inks to the distributors or channels of any of its partner OEM or industrial companies.